Throughout the years, photography has evolved to be both beautiful and functional in our everyday lives, impacting us in ways we could never imagine. Art does not just exist in paintings and sculptures, but also on billboards, in magazines and even in the architecture of buildings. They were designed by artists who could see both the beauty and functionatity in each piece before it is even created. Artists are visionaries, inventors and creators of originaity.

As professionals in the field of photography, videography and design, Fire & Earth will help create your unique idea and bring it to life. We will show you beauty through digital photography, video and design and capture the moment like no other. We will help bring your vision to life with our unique designs and digital artwork. You will have the professional products you need to succeed in your business market and the professional tools to dominate it.

Having a website is the ultimate way to showcase all of your products and/or services in one place in an attractive and interactive way that will help win your customer over time and time again.

Fire & Earth can design a custom website that will reflect your business in the best way possible. We don’t use templates and plug-in information, instead we design a complete custom site around your vital information, photos and videos. We even maintain the entire site for you so all you need to do is contact us... and we’ll do the rest!

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We know that everyone has a camera and some type of “Photoshopping” program these days, and with the fast pace that technology is taking, this equipment is providing decent quality. Why would you hire someone with some fancy equipment that you think you will never need? You can take that image yourself or design that ad and logo online and it’s good enough... you don’t need anything fancy.... or DO you?

Hiring a professional is KEY to getting the best that you need. A professional gets the job done the right way, the first time, EVERY TIME. They know quality and know what works. Don’t settle for mediocre work or the heartache, trial/error and lack of quality that can drive your business underground.

Professional work will make an incredible impact and you will get results... but it will be an expense. Quality does cost, but in the end, YOU will reap the rewards.


We can do much more than just photography! We can also provide you with video, audio and graphic design for anythink you need! Just let us know and we will customize our services for you.

Ryan Stark, one of our clients, is an amazing dressage trainer based out of Wisconsin. We have had the pleasure of photographing him and his clients riding their magnificent horses in and out of the show arena. As Ryan's business grew, he contracted us to create a logo so that he can begin building his brand so he can market to potential clients.

Here you can see his final logo design for Ryan Stark Dressage.

To find out more about Ryan Stark Dressage, please visit his Facebook page here.

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Charles Owen Helmets - Photo for Ad
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